Vietnam's IT Services Industry: Landscape, Challenges, Opportunities

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Ebook Overview

Spanning the heart of APAC - the hottest region for IT services, Vietnam has emerged as a favorable destination for IT outsourcing with a young and vibrant IT labor force, competitive production costs, an open business environment, and supportive government policies. In this ebook, we will give you an overview of Vietnam's economy and in-depth understanding of Vietnam’s IT sector. By the end of it, you know how is Vietnam economy and where is Vietnam software outsourcing industry on the global picture, including Vietnam IT industry statistics, market drivers and restraints, what benefits and challenges you might face, what opportunities you can take and how to take them the right way.

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What Will This Ebook Bring To You

By the end of our ebook, you will find out your opportunities in Vietnam's IT services market as well as the most beneficial approach to Vietnam tech industry.

Vietnam IT Sector landscape

Vietnam IT Sector landscape

Vietnam IT sector's growth & strengths, drivers & restraints, movements, and its presence & position on the global scale.

Opportunities of Vietnam's IT Services market

Opportunities of Vietnam's IT Services market

Vertical industry markets with highest demands for IT services in Vietnam and the factors fueling the growth.

Benefits of Vietnam's IT Services industry

Benefits of Vietnam's IT Services industry

What are the advantages of Vietnam's IT services industry, their driving factors, and how to effectively leverage these advantages.


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