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Our developers are not only experienced in developing Android and iOS app, but also can create wow hybrid apps with both React Native and Flutter.

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Your challenges

Undesirable cost

Whenever project scope is broaden, the cost barrier raises, including operational, management, infrastructure costs, not to mention the increasingly high labor cost.

Talent Scarcity

Talent shortage is the major problem that halts the operation of your projects. Not to mention the time-consuming processes of recruiting and training employees.

Continuous updates on software

Training on new tools takes up too much time with plenty of new features updated everyday. It’s really challenge keep up with the continuous changing of technology.

Requirement for software delivery

The market demands new feature updates with a quick pace. In contrast, the developer team with limited resources can’t deliver on time.

Poor quality management

Trivial tasks, requirements change and big project scope pose multiple challenges in quality management and supervision, hence product quality’s prone to error, bugs and defects.

Our solutions

Cost reduction

Due to geographical pricing, LTS can provide a team of equally talented and internationally qualified technical engineers with reasonably priced labor and operation costs.

Large talent pool

We’ve built a large talent pool of tech engineers, BAs, testers, QA through our extensive recruitment program and partnership with top IT University in Vietnam.

Cutting-edge technology

Our young talented IT engineers are constantly learning and employing the latest technologies to keep our clients up with the market demand.

CI/CD practices

LTS provides continuous integration and continuous delivery, deployment. Therefore, allowing you to release updates at any time in a sustainable way.


For every project, we assign one QA leader and QC staff for better control of products’ quality. With resourceful team of Project Manager(s), requirements change management is carried out to ensure systematic adaptation.

Why Moving from Domestic team to ODC?

Domestic outsourcing team


In case of any technical changes, the team will have to recalculate the quotations and other planning, hence the inflexibility.

Specification Change

With a dedicated team working for you, any changes in requirement and specification can be adapted during the project operation.

Due to the changes in project requirements, work amount is changed accordingly with costs 2 times or even 3 times higher than the initial costs.


In spite of any changes, working time is limited to a predefinded amount, keeping the overall expenses stable.

Projects with predefined requirements and projects for a thorough and overall application transformation.

Suitable project

Projects with undefined requirements or projects with frequent releases to market that need adjustments according to user experience.

You want to outsource as quick as possible. With no language barrier, management is easier with small need for weekly or daily meetings.

Your needs

You want to outsource with cost as low as possible. Applying ODC, you want to assess your current IT work and suitable way of working.

On-site or Nearshore

Way of Working

Remote (Offshore)

Project – Based, in which the service provider is fully responsible for the project

Engagement Model

Time & Material, in which the service provider is responsible for each tasks of client.

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Our Workflow

Once we have the initial information about human resources, time frame and technical requirements, LTS will clarify them by conducting necessary meeting training. In case of any technical problems, all will be reported.

After analyzing your requirements, we create proposal and estimation, then submit for client’s approval. This proposal includes human resources, infrastructure and costs.

LTS will set up personnel and infrastructure to work on your projects. An customized process is devised for the optimal operation.

We receive necessary information and training from clients. During our work, a detailed handbook is created for knowledge and guide of clients’ projects.

From the detailed design, coding and testing are executed. Testing and bugs fixing will be simultaneous with coding. Finally, user acceptance testing will be carried out.

We support client to fix bugs and defects after delivery. After delivery, maintenance and new project’s development can be done simulteneously.

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