Lotus Technology Service: Why “Lotus Flower”?

Have you ever wondered why our founders selected Lotus Flower for LTS’s branding imaginary? Is it due to the flower’s beauty? There are many more secrets that you may be surprised to know.

Lotus is Vietnam’s national flower

Pink lotus is a traditional and iconic flower of Vietnam. Like lotus flower, LTS was established in Vietnam but has a strong ambition to go global and make Vietnam appear on the Global IT Market.

Lotus is a “pure and quality” flower

It is interesting that all parts of lotus flowers can be used for different purposes. Although it grows from mud, the flower is always clean and pure. As a Technology Service company, one of our missions is to help clients have products as quality as a lotus flower. So, nothing can beat lotus for this feature.

Lotus plant has a strong will

There is no plant on earth that can bloom with remarkably beautiful flowers despite the muddy ground they grow on like lotus plants. Similarly, our first days were full of ups-and-downs but thanks to the leadership of our BOD and efforts of all LTS members, we can thrive quickly after 3 years of establishment.

Name Lotus starts with “L” – Leading

Our vision is to become the Leading QA firm in Vietnam. To achieve this, we consistently improve our quality, develop our skillful employees and apply innovative technologies into our service.