Client’s Testimonial: “LTS has been one of our best experiences”

“We enjoy working with LTS because of the high quality of their work and their flexibility in accommodating any new task. In the past year, we had a variety of different projects, from simple bounding box annotations to complex pixel-wise segmentation, and every time the team was able to perform the task according to the specification and within the agreed time frame. We are very impressed with the amount of effort the team put into understanding of precise requirements and making sure there are no grey areas in the task before starting the work. The work processes seem very smooth and well organised, making the interactions easy and predictable. So far LTS have been one of our best experiences when working with external annotation teams.” – Daedalean

“Daedalean ( was founded in 2016 with an aim to specify, build, test and certify a fully autonomous sensor and autopilot system that can reliably and completely replace the human pilot. Currently the company is working with EASA on an Innovation Partnership Contract to develop concepts of design assurance for neural networks.”

If you have any difficulties in data collecting or data annotation for your projects, feel free to reach out to us!