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Client Overview

Our client is the pioneer and the leading restaurant chain model in Vietnam. They currently own more than 21 brands and nearly 400 restaurants, serving 17 million customers annually, and are still expanding.


In 4 years, they have to build 20 applications and each has 5-6 releases per year. They have a demand for developing mobile applications and web applications as well.

Also, they need to apply UI automation testing. Additionally, they require APIs for backend testing to reduce the time to market and test effort, as well as increase quality.


Various payment methods have to apply

End-2-end test flow is complicated. It requires actions on various platforms.

The data test is huge for the API test, making it hard for the current manual test to cover.


We build the framework for development and framework for both mobile testing and web testing.

We develop a Web API gateway to make control and reuse between applications.

We develop an API test program, supporting data-driven to test with a huge dataset.

For application development, we use Spring Boot, Spring JPA, React JS, React Native.

For automation testing, we use Maven, TestNG, Appium (to support mobile), and Selenium (to support Web applications).


Test case: 71

Regression runs: 10

The time for executing a regression cycle has been reduced from 7 days/week to 4 days/week.

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