E-School Platform for Vietnamese School

Client Overview

Client is an Edtech company in Vietnam. They have both Primary and Secondary school in their systems. They want a mobile application to connect parents and the school itself.

Specific Requirement

A mobile application that can support:

– The administration of the MOET and DOET

– School board management

– School admin

– School activities


What we do:

– Clarify requirement

– UI Design & Detail design

– Coding and test

Feature list:

– School news

– Admissions

– Schedule

– Transcript

– Extracurricular activities

– Learning club

– Community



  • In 5 months and with only 3 members, we developed an E-School Platform that can connect our client with parents.
  • With 7 features of management and information delivery, parents are well-assured of all they need to know about their kids and their activities.

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