Q&A: 20 Questions About LTS’ Blockchain Development Services

Q&A about LTS' blockchain development services


Today we’ve made a list of 20 questions that our clients have asked us the most about our blockchain development services. Please refer to this Q&A article to understand more about our services, our expertise, our work process, and how we ensure our clients’ benefits and confidentiality via professional and legal aspects.

Also, this is just an example of what we’ve done so far and all things can be discussed to match your needs!

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Now, let’s go into details regarding our blockchain development services!


1. What blockchain development services do you offer?

LTS is a software development company that specializes in blockchain & software development in general. We offer a wide range of blockchain development services, including the following 5 core processes: 

  • Smart contract development 
  • Blockchain wallet development
  • NFT marketplace development
  • Cryptocurrency exchange development 
  • Public and Private blockchain development

2. How many members are there in your blockchain team?

We have ~45 developers working on various blockchain projects, consisting of 4 designers, 27 developers, 7 technical leaders, and 7 project managers.

3. How experienced is your team in blockchain development?

Since 2020, we’re delivered ~20 blockchain projects in various areas such as GameFi, NFT, and dApp development for our clients in 9 countries, including Singapore, Hong Kong, Japan, America, and Korea.

Please refer to our blockchain development case studies for further details!

4. Are there any examples of your work?

Yes, some of our highlighted blockchain projects can mention:

  • dApps
  • GameFi
  • Blockchain wallet
  • Cryptocurrency exchange

We’ve published our blockchain development portfolio in our Blockchain case study section. Please refer to these for further details!

5. Why should I choose you instead of hiring a blockchain development team on my own?

LTS has been a trusted vendor in the global IT market. We have worked with over 60 clients and here’re why they came to us:

  • Reduce the costs of recruitment, building, operating, and managing team
  • Get dedicated consultation to go on the right path
  • Quick team set up to start the project right away
  • Experienced developers and effective work processes to deliver their blockchain products of high quality within a short period

6. How experienced should I be in blockchain before I contact you?

Not at all.  Our specialists will analyze your needs and consult you with proper solutions to proceed.

7. Can I come up with a product and ask you to improve it using blockchain technology?

Yes. We have the experience to transform non-blockchain products into blockchain. Just tell us your story.


8. What is your workflow?

We provide end-to-end blockchain development services, starting with professional consulting to get our clients on the right path to building and post-development services during operation. More specifically:

  • Consultation: Our blockchain experts will work with the clients to deeply clarify their needs, then together come up with proper solutions for the project.
  • Design: System architect, database, UI/UX, etc. will be designed based on project specifications that we agreed upon.
  • Development: Our skilled blockchain developers will construct the product under strict review processes.
  • Testing: Our testers and QA staff will collaborate with developers to carry out needed test types as well as test levels to ensure product quality and security.
  • Maintenance and upgrade: We support clients to maintain products up to 12 months after development, depending on the contract and project size. Any upgrade requests can be discussed! 

9. What development methodologies do you offer?

We offer both the traditional Waterfall model and Agile model. However, we often recommend our clients choose Agile/Scum for blockchain projects which require fast development as well as the flexibility to handle changes. 

10. How do you handle change requests from your customers?

Despite the Waterfall or Agile development model, once clients request changes, our project manager (PM) and the team will evaluate the change request and its impact on the project schedule, quality, and cost. 

Then, the Change Control Board includes the project director, project manager, and client will discuss based on a benefit-risk balance and together decide to GO or NO GO with the change request.

11. How long does blockchain software development take?

The amount of time to fully finish a blockchain project depends on the size and complexity of the project. According to our experience, it’s normally from 2 – 12 months.

12. How do you charge for your services?

We apply two pricing models:

  • ODC (also called Time and Materials Model): Pay per actual time and resources spent.
  • Fixed-price: Pay a fixed budget.

Depending on the client’s demand and the project characteristics, we will together decide on a pricing model that best fits the project.

13. How can I get informed about your progress? What forms of communication do you offer?

For every project, we have at least 1 person, typically a project leader or manager, to keep in touch with our clients on a daily basis to exchange information and keep our clients updated with the progress.

Communication methods will follow the client’s needs as well as the project characteristics. Typically, we apply two types of communication as follows:

  • Formal channel: We send emails to confirm key information such as scope, requirements, and reports on daily, weekly, milestones, etc.
  • Informal channels: Chat via Skype, Slack, etc. and Video call for Q&A and clarification.

14. I want to be involved in the product development process. Is this possible?

Yes, it’s possible. For each client, before starting, we will discuss the way we work together that’s best for the project. 

Also, we always encourage our clients to use Agile/Scrum models so that we have enough flexibility for our clients to be involved in the process and implement changes if needed.

15. How frequently do you review code?

At LTS, the leader will review and merge each time a developer put the code. The development team also has code review sessions to review periodically.

16. Any technical support and product maintenance after development?

Yes. We normally support clients to maintain products from 1 month -12 months after development, depending on the size of the project and contract terms. 

17. Can you upgrade my blockchain product in the future?

Normally, it will be a new scope, but we can discuss including it in the initial contract, depending on the client’s wish. 


18. Will you sign an NDA?

Yes, of course. We always need an NDA before exchanging detailed information to free our clients from any confidentiality concerns.

19. Do I get the full source code and property rights/trademarks for my product design?

Sure. All assets included in the project belong to the clients.

20. Do you guarantee the security and confidentiality of our intellectual property?

Sure! That information regarding security and confidentiality will be included in the contract and agreed upon beforehand.

That’s a wrap!

We’ve gone through 20 questions regarding LTS’ blockchain development services. If you need further support, don’t hesitate to leave us a message and get a consult from our experts!

Website: https://ltsgroup.tech/

 Tel: (+84) 24-6660-7474 

Fanpage: https://www.linkedin.com/company/lts-group-vietnam/

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